Nothing at Bundle is one size fits all. We create custom insurance packages based on your needs, exploring options between multiple carriers to find the best rates and coverages to suit your lifestyle. Not sure what you need? No problem! Our friendly, experienced team can guide you toward an affordable, reliable portfolio.

What Insurance Coverage Do You Need?


icon Auto

From accidents and windshield damage to lawsuits and more, we have affordable insurance options to protect against just about anything. Our team will create customized policy coverages to fit your vehicles and driving habits: only pay for what you need. We also specialize in classic vehicles!

icon Homeowner

Home insurance protects you from the unexpected. If your home is damaged, your belongings are stolen, or someone gets injured on your property, this coverage can help cover repairs, temporary housing, legal fees, and more. For anyone that owns a home or condo, protect your investment and everything that makes it a home.

icon Renter

If you live in a rented apartment, condominium, or home, you need to protect yourself, your space, and your stuff. Some managed communities even require that you have a certain amount of renters coverage as part of your lease agreement. Typically, your landlord’s policy won’t help if your belongings are stolen or damaged; renters insurance covers you when you need it most.

icon Specialty

Boats, motorcycles, jet skis, ATV/UTVs, golf carts, RVs, and other specialty vehicles require special coverage outside of your average automotive policy. These unique vehicles are built for adventure, but when you’re out on the water or on the trails, you never know when emergencies will strike. Adding specialty insurance is a smart way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your vehicles for ongoing enjoyment.

icon Business

If you own a small business, protecting yourself, your employees, your property, and any inventory is crucial. A business owner’s policy combines various insurance coverage with additional protection into one convenient package. To complete your business insurance portfolio, also consider Commercial Auto and Workers Compensation; we’ll help you find the right fits.

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Why Bundle?

We know that shopping for insurance is a pain, which is why our white-glove service serves up the best rates from multiple carriers, providing you with only the best. Unlike single carriers, we aren’t bound to one particular product, giving you the freedom and flexibility to find exactly what you need. We’re proudly powered by Koons Automotive which means you’re getting the very best in service, plus we’re also open on weekends!

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