Why Bundle?

As an independent insurance agency, Bundle Insurance bypasses all the usual games and hassle to bring you reliable, affordable protection for what you value most. We bring you the very best rates along with concierge service to leave you with a smile and since we’re powered by Koons Automotive, you know you’re getting service you can trust.

How We’re Different

Most major insurance providers box you into options that fit their needs, not yours. But Bundle shakes up that outdated model for coverage designed for you.

Single Insurance Providers

  • Limited to one carrier
  • Unable to compare rates
  • Only knowledgeable about one carrier’s products
  • Back you into coverages you may not need
  • Limited customer service availability (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri)

Independent Insurance Providers (like us!)

  • Offer many carriers
  • Able to shop around for the best rates
  • Well versed in multiple products to help you pick and choose
  • Provide customizable coverages based on your life
  • Customer service available 7 days a week 7am-7pm

Plus, when you work with the friendly Bundle team, you’ll receive:

White glove service
24/7 availability
Easy, stress-free process
Meet Our Team
Claudia Lara

We Take the Hassle Out of Insurance

Have a question? Need some guidance? We’re open seven days a week.